Noam Chomsky

Interviews by C. J. Polychroniou

Haymarket Books (December 10, 2024)

Trade paper • ISBN-13: 9798888902622  •US $19.95 • 6 in x 9 in • 272 pgs.


A sweeping yet penetrating collection of interviews with Noam Chomsky, exploring the most pressing global concerns of our time. 

In these illuminating interviews, conducted for Truthout by C.J. Polychroniou, Noam Chomsky yet again shares his brilliant insights on an array of struggles and challenges facing humanity. A Livable Future Is Possible addresses artificial intelligence and the potential for such programs to surpass humans in cognitive awareness; what lies ahead for a world engulfed in a deadly climate crisis; the rise of neo-fascism internationally, and why we should organize across borders to confront it; the striking similarities between Trump and Biden’s foreign policies; and a number of other critical issues gripping the planet. 

Noam Chomsky has been an incomparable model of moral clarity and intellectual courage during his many decades as a scholar and critic.  He is the most cited living scholar. One would be hard-pressed to find a more influential voice than Chomsky’s in the West. A Livable Future Is Possible is not only an urgent and informative resource, it is a call-to-action for those hoping to help carry the torch of one of history’s greatest minds. 


Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor (emeritus) in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Laureate Professor of Linguistics and Agnese Nelms Haury Chair in the Program in Environment and Social Justice at the University of Arizona. His work is widely credited with having revolutionized the field of modern linguistics. Chomsky is the author of numerous bestselling political works, which have been translated into scores of languages. Recent books include What Kind of Creatures Are We?, as well as Optimism Over Despair, Notes on Resistance, and Chronicles of Dissent. He lives in Tucson, AZ.

C.J. Polychroniou is a political economist/political scientist who has taught and worked in universities and research centers in Europe and the United States. His main research interests are in European economic integration, globalization, the political economy of the United States and the deconstruction of neoliberalism’s politico-economic project. He is a columnist for Global Policy Journal and a regular contributor to Truthout as well as a member of Truthout’s Public Intellectual Project. He has published several books, including, with Noam Chomsky, Optimism Over Despair and The Precipice, and his articles have appeared in a variety of journals, magazines, newspapers, and popular news websites. Many of his publications have been translated into several foreign languages, including Croatian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. He lives in Conshohocken, PA.


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