The New Student Revolt

Hal Draper

Introduction by Mario Savio

Haymarket Books (Summer 2020). Audio rights only

Trade Paper • ISBN-13:9781642591255 • US $22.00 • 6 in x 9 in • 280 pgs.


Cliché as it may seem to be, just about every major political issue taken up in this book from 1964 has once again become a major motivating force for contemporary activists. From Campus Free Speech fights to mounting tuition costs, the issues tackled by the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, and covered in this book have a growing audience. This, combined with the historical significance of Draper’s participant account, is sure to make this book an important point of reference for contemporary activists.


The late Hal Draper is the author of the five-volume study of Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution (Monthly Review Press) as well as War and Revolution: Lenin and the Myth of Revolutionary Defeatism (Humanities Press) and Berkeley: The New Student Revolt (Grove Press.) He was also a prominent socialist journalist and editor of the journal Labor Action from 1948-1958.

Mario Savio was one of the most famous leaders of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement.