The Marxism of José Carlos Mariátegui

Mike Gonzalez

Haymarket Books (Summer 2018, world English rights)

Trade Paper • ISBN-13: 9781608469154 • US $19 • 8.5 in x 5.5 in • 200 pgs.


The first English-language biography of one of Latin America’s most important, innovative, and enduringly relevant Marxist thinkers.

José Carlos Mariátegui (1894–1930) is widely recognized across Latin America as one of the most important and innovative Marxist thinkers of the twentieth century. Yet his life and work are largely unknown to the English-speaking world. In this gripping political biography—the first written in English—Mike Gonzalez introduces readers to the inspiring life and thought of the Peruvian socialist.

As one of the first modern thinkers to discuss what Marxism has to offer, and to learn from, the struggles of Indigenous peoples, his ideas have an immediate relevance in the context of Standing Rock and other native-led fights challenging pipelines across North America


“José Carlos Mariátegui was the most important and original Latin American revolutionary socialist writing in the 1920s, yet his work is too little known in the rest of the world. Reviled by the Stalinists at the time of his death, his insights into the revolutionary potential of indigenous Andean peasant cultures are assuming a new relevance in the early 21st century. Mike Gonzalez’s fine study brings the man and his life-work into sharp focus.”

Colin Barker


Praise for Hugo Chavez: Socialist for the Twenty-first Century

“Mike Gonzalez possesses a extraordinarily rich knowledge of the Latin American left, has engaged critically with the politics of modern military institutions, and has an abiding interest in independently-minded public figures. He has brought these singular attributes together in this lucid portrait of Hugo Chavez.”

Professor James Dunkerley, Queen Mary University

“For activists and scholars alike, this is an excellent biography, which mirrors in its nuances and subtleties the complexity of the Bolivarian process and the figure of Chavez himself.”

Jeffery R. Webber, Queen Mary University of London, author of The Last Day of Oppression and the First Day of The Same

“A seminal work on the ideological and political formation of the former Venezuelan President and leading figure of twenty-first century socialism.”

Francesco Di Bernardo, LSE Review of Books



Mike Gonzalez is Emeritus Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Glasgow. He is the co-editor of Arms and the People (Pluto, 2012) and author of Hugo Chavez: Socialist for the Twenty-first Century  (Pluto, 2014).

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